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Jun Lorenz Mamangon is more than an avid and pro-class photographer. He’s also a loving family man who keeps busy juggling an active lifestyle with his family – with his trusted work and camera equipment always within reach. Yes, this Sony hobbyist, martial-athlete, impresario, and overall nice guy, so happen to have a knack for capturing a range of emotions through the eye of a lens.

He has what it takes to create authentic imagery that showcase, communicates and propels the image he takes, whether it's people, brand or organization towards their goals.

But, it’s more than his keen eye for capturing images that sets him apart from the rest. His photos evoke emotions. From capturing the structure of his surroundings, to people having a good time – Jun has a knack for being at the right place, at the right moment. Timing is everything for Jun. What's not to dig?

He’s got the connections, too. Photography being his hobby, Jun runs a major concert brokerage company in SAE. His affable nature has garnered him praise from a wide range of clients – from favor shoots to high-profile roster.  

Jun is based in Irvine California and commutes to Los Angeles when he meets his industry colleagues. And when he’s not doing business, he’s creating exquisite dishes for his family and friends.

Represented by self. 


Lanah Elise Mamangon is more than an avid photographer, she's creative, and fun to work with. A senior in high school, Lanah loves to dance in fact she leads her own hiphop dance crew in high school.

She helps her dad in creating unique and fun images. She is also an expert in Lightroom and post editing... She can turn original photos into fine art.

Lanah shoots with Sony a7ii and with vintage Minolta from time to time. Her dad actually learns from when I comes to novel creativity.

Lanah has lots of friends and and they like to eat, drink boba, and go to the beach.

Represented by dad. 


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