Whether you need to fill a particular featured background role for a single scene, or a larger, specialized background call for an entire production, M1M Endeavor can help you meet all of your essential casting and payroll needs. Pulling from the largest and most diverse database of OTF Actors, M1M Endeavor provides personalized, boutique casting service with the kind of experience and professionalism only the leading background casting company can offer.

Working with M1M Endeavor means working with M1M Directors who are renowned experts in the field – talented and dedicated professionals who are often called upon to teach Director’s Guild trainees and set the industry standard. Each project features a team of two dedicated M1M Directors, assuring individual and specialized attention from the most experienced casting staff in the industry.


M1M Endeavor ’s TV division features a core group of career professional M1M Directors who have helped build the M1M Endeavor of today. With the largest talent database at their fingertips and years of experience behind them, our dedicated TV staff can assist your company, signatory or not, in fulfilling all of your background needs. Budgeting assistance, contract issues and blanket minor permits are just a few of the specialized services we offer.



The M1M Directors in M1M Endeavor’s Feature division combine their expertise in the field with the largest background database in the industry to achieve the exact look your film requires. From a special character interacting with the star to a large group of unique types filling a scene, our staff of experienced, passionate M1M Directors provides a personal level of service unmatched in the industry. And because your casting needs are not limited to 9-to-5, neither are we. M1M Endeavor’s Feature division delivers superior customer service from a dedicated team 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


When it comes to background talent for commercials, M1M Endeavor’s Commercial division is the preferred choice of major advertisers and production companies from across the country. Pulling from the same database used by M1M Endeavor's Television and Feature division gives our Commercial staff more choices to meet the specific needs of commercial production.

Promos, Brands, Social and Print

SAG-AFTRA or non-union promos, industrials and print work are three other areas where M1M Endeavor is proud to provide quality background talent. Contact us with your budget information and we will furnish you with an estimated cost based on your talent requirements.