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Since the company’s acquisition of N91Live and inception into the music arena in 2016, M1M has grown so quickly to becoming Southeast Asia's leading show acquisition and entertainment financing group. With deep connections in the Southeast, the company's worldwide alliances represents and manage the region’s equitable and branded partnership projects annually; and Southeast Asia's independent live & special event producer, artist acquisition and promotion conglomerate. M1M is currently in discussion with the world's premiere live event promotion and artist management companies with the goal to invigorate even better, Southeast Asia's live event market. 

M1M Entertainment, LLC ("M1M")  Premiere source for a diverse roster of the world’s most recognizable figures in music, film and sports arena, sponsors will be able to maximize their branding exposure when advertising through M1M's live projects on a global level. Our ad motto is simple, always deliver — Partnerships with over a dozen brands in major cities across the southeast.

Our team is comprised of producers, promoters, marketers and are self-funded music enthusiasts with very different sets of experience and expertise that influence our dedication to the work that we do. Our general partners have worked with countless movers and shakers in both film and music industry including major recording artists to the big screen acts.

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Jun Lorenz


CEO & President

Jun has served as M1M Entertainment’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer since its inception in 2016. Mamangon led the transformation of M1M from its humble beginnings in San Diego as a multi-cultural music & dance studio into now one of the leading live music and special event company in Southeast Asia with affiliates and satellite-production operations in more than 3 countries.

Comprised of three divisions – M1M Entertainment, N91Live Concerts, M1M Dance – M1M thrive to promote audience engaging and relevant events. The company has an established brand partners with well over a dozen well known conglomerate brands including telco and e-commerce site sellers throughout the southeast including Alibaba Group's T-Mall & Tao Bao that has a combined average of over 360 million dedicated monthly subscribers. 

"We enable businesses to transform the way they market, sell and operate and improve their efficiencies. We provide the technology infrastructure and marketing reach to help promoters, talent buyers, business brands and to take advantage of the power of today's technology to engage their end-users and clienteles in a most efficient way... In short, we want to become the team player of the industry by combining a force of strategic alliance and partners."

- Jun

Elaine Tiu

Chairwoman & VP Strategic Finance

Elaine serves as M1M’s Chairwoman and Associate Director. In this role, Elaine leads the company’s general activities and strategic initiatives in the live sector while overseeing numerous corporate and investors functions.

Prior to joining M1M in 2016, Elaine was at First Pacific, CH as an independent non-executive financial directress for many clients, where she was most recently regarded as one of the highest achievers in the board. Before joining First Pacific, Elaine was a special financing partner at Bank of China.

She graduated with a B.A. in Research and Economics from Shanghai University and earned a Masters in Business Administration from UOC Independent Study.



Executive VP & Financial Controller

Brandon was appointed the position of Financial Controller at M1M prior to the merging and acquisition of M1M & N91Live in 2016. He has played a key role in managing and investing the company's domestic and international financial transaction since 2009, where his first major involvement was the purchase and acquisition of Shock Value II tour artists in Manila. SVII music fest was headlined by non other than the Grammy Award winning rapper and producer, Timbaland, and guests Justin Timberlake and Jojo. The show had over 88,000 screaming fans in a jam packed open ground concert venue of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City, Philippines.


Prior to graduating with honors in Business Administration, with emphasis in marketing at UC Fullerton, Brandon continues to work in IT audit through consultancy while with M1M.

JR Chan

Chairman & Associate Director

JR holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technology Engineering, a Master’s Degree in Operations Research from Stanford University and a Master’s Degree in Management Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

JR had been an Executive Director of Central Pacific Limited in charge of industrial projects in China. Prior to his previous partaking as an independent Technology Adviser for China Ever Bright Intl. LTD, he made significant contribution to the company’s acceleration programs in the Chinese Waste-to-energy industry.

DS Serwin

Independent Non-executive Legal Counsel

Attorney Serwin is graduate of UCLA Law School who began his practice of law in 1990, Attorney Serwin works primarily in the entertainment industry, and works in close relation with M1M's CEO, Jun Lorenz. His experience prior to establishing his private practice included working for a sole practitioner with several platinum artists, as head of legal for a film and TV production and distribution company, the Director's Guild of America, BMI and Capitol Records.

Attorney Serwin has lectured extensively for a wide variety of groups and organizations, including Art Center College of Design, visiting Harvard MBA’s, California Lawyers for the Arts, The Learning Annex, and various conference panels.

Serwin, ESQ.'s Hollywood, CA based solo law practice began in 1994 and serves clients in all areas of the music, film, video, TV, internet and distribution businesses including record labels; music publishers; recordings artists; songwriters; music, television and film producers; managers; television, film and internet production and distribution companies; business executives and consultants; authors, clothing companies, as well as others involved within the entertainment industry.

CJ Brown

In process.

Independent Non-executive Booking & Acquisition



Independent Non-executive Booking & Acquisition

Marcus is aNorfolk State University graduate. He is one of M1M's independent talent booking & acquisition mangers. Currently, he also serves as LA Creative director at Ole Music Publishing. Marcus, a 17-year A&R veteran and presidential officer at his nephew Timothy Mosley's (aka; "Timbaland") Mosley Music Group, He also currently serve as Executive VP at TuneGo, an Anthem Media Inc company who specializes in securely storing your creative work, distributing your music and collecting your royalties worldwide, where he leads a team of professionals.

Dr. Y. Cheng

In process.

Independent Non-executive Marketing, SEA

Wil Miles

In process.

Live Touring Liaison, North America & Canada

Jeff Wang

In process.

Independent Non-executive Marketing Chairman, Mainland China